Our Boats

Our Boats

New for the 2017 season Catabatic joins the Kohola and has been designed to maximize your whale watching experience.  Both boats are 33' catamarans and afford our guests a full 360 degree walk-around deck from which to view and photograph the whales and wildlife.   While other "small boats" of the same size carry 18 to 24 passengers, our groups of no more than six guests have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the sights. With plenty of deck space, you never have to look over someone's shoulder or miss a good view.

catabatic portside view

Custom designed by Captain Shawn, our comfortable cabins provide ample seating for six and a warm place to enjoy the travel time out and back to the whale viewing areas and get out of the rain.
The catamaran hull is exceptionally stable and provides the smoothest and most comfortable ride while we travel in search of the whales and other wildlife. Our boats are equipped with a full complement of safety equipment and navigation electronics to ensure your safety while aboard. Both boats have a fully functional restroom as well.

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Last updated 11/17/2015