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Our Boats

Our Boats

We are looking forward to the 2021 season!

For 2021’s shortened season we plan to use our brand new 13 passenger
boat, Apogee!  If there are six or fewer guests we will be using the
Catabatic, our 33′ catamaran.  We appreciate your flexibility!

Our boats have been specifically designed and custom-built to maximize YOUR experience with the wildlife we encounter.

Information for 2022:

Our online booking calendar will be available in August 2021.  If you
know your date and would like to pre-reserve your spots, please call or
email us.

Both our boats feature:

  • Full walk-around deck
  • Spacious bow and after deck areas with plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the sights
  • Heated and enclosed cabins with large windows
  • Individual cushioned seating for every guest
  • Unmatched smooth ride and stability
  • Full complement of safety equipment and navigation electronics
  • Clean restroom and sink
Glacier Wind Charters

Glacier Wind Charters
P.O. Box 184
Hoonah, Alaska 99829

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