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Nestled against the base of White Alice mountain, Hoonah is a quiet village which has been home to the Huna Tlingit since advancing ice pushed them from the shores of Glacier Bay during the last ice age. The largest Tlingit village in Alaska, Hoonah has a rich cultural heritage which can be explored and enjoyed during your visit.  

Located at the confluence of Icy Strait and Port Frederick, Hoonah boasts immediate access to outstanding fishing and excellent whale watching. We have often spotted humpback and killer whales working along the shores right in front of town. The rich waters of Icy Strait support a large and diverse population of marine mammals, fish and birds.

Located one mile from the Icy Strait Point cruise port, Hoonah offers visitors several excellent places to eat, shop and stay during your visit.  We have a comfortable guest cabin available for our multi-day guests or they may choose lodging from several local bed and breakfasts as well as the Icy Strait Lodge.

To book a charter, request more information or for some friendly advice from a life-long resident on what to see when you visit, contact us at one of the following and we will be happy to assist you.



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Updated  11/24/2012